Comprehensive self-developed

developments and designs

Everything from battery cells to mechanisms were self-developed; the disclosure of the product’s structural diagram is enough to show the capabilities of RCE and to establish a global brand with absolute advantages.

Smart BMS System + iBatt APP

The world’s first smart BMS system; connection to the iBatt APP through Bluetooth connection allows complete disclosure of the usage statuses of the LFP batteries and super capacitors.

Cloud big data for smart early warnings

RCE accumulated seven years of product usage data and imported them into the cloud database continuously, then used big data analysis to provide analysis on current situations and early warnings, allowing customers to rest assured.

Focus on ultimate patent assets

We are committed to the layouts of intellectual properties and patents, and have already obtained several invention patents, allowing us to have an unsurpassable gap against others in terms of batteries, super capacitors and monitoring technologies.

Optimization and improvement

of self-requirements

RCE products are continually improved, and have won several awards including the iF Design award from Germany, the Golden Pin Design Award, the Taiwan Excellence Award and the National Brand Yushan Award, etc.

The 17th National Brand Yushan Award

Previous Taiwan Excellence Awards


RCE was founded in 2010, and mainly focused on developing 12V LFP starter battery products to replace traditional lead-acid batteries, and marketed the products all over the world under its own brand RCE.

RCE is not only the abbreviation of Reduce Carbon Energy, it can also be called Rescue Critical Earth; it is a company that aims to protect the environment and reduce carbon emissions, and that’s why it focuses on replacing existing lead-acid batteries with 12V LFP starter batteries, and to provide the world with better environmentally friendly solutions.


Smart automotive products that can be used with iBatt

With the iBatt App transmitting faithful driving data, we are able to perform analysis using the big data collected, and help drivers solve problems immediately.

The future is a big data era, and RCE owns over 100 million entries of driving data on various vehicle models that become the best basis for us to improve our products and solutions!

#RCE is the only company in the world that currently owns this technology


RCE is a professional manufacturer of LFP batteries and super capacitors.