RCE LFP battery awarded 2

RCE LFP battery awarded 2 “Taiwan Excellence Award 2021 Transportation Boutique” awards
by rce
The philosophy of our company is to promote environmental protection and sustainable management; therefore, all of our products are environmentally friendly and green-oriented. Our batteries, battery management systems (BMS) and battery cases do not consist of any heavy metals. In order to have convenient production and safe assembly during the R&D period, we even developed a “large current safety connection device” to replace traditional positive and negative wire connections; no current wires can be seen inside. Not only does this improve the conductivity efficiency, but it also eliminates the danger of internal short-circuits due to loose wires; this is safest for the assembly personnel and customers. Also, all the nickel plates and copper components used inside and the external top and bottom covers were all developed specifically for these products to enhance product accuracy and integrity; in the future when there is mass assembly and shipping, there won’t be any possibility of using the wrong components or having installation errors. This improves the safety of the installation personnel and reduces the chance of producing defective products. In addition, our company also developed an App that allows customers to purchase products, register their warranties, ask questions and apply for maintenance and warranty services etc.; not only will the internal processes of the company become consistent, consumers also do not need to go through multiple windows for consultation. This improves service efficiency.