UPS 12V 7.0Ah Energy storage battery

UPS 12V 7.0Ah

UPS 12V 7.0Ah Energy storage battery

This energy storage battery is not a normal starting battery and cannot replace the battery used in any car or motorcycle!

Product number: CNR1207
Specifications: 12V 7.0Ah
Size: Length 15cm Width 6cm Height 9.8cm
Constant Current Constant Voltage Charge
Cycle Use: 14.4-14.6V
Standby Use: 13.0-13.4V
Initial Current: 2A

Do not short circuit the battery. Recharge after use. Lithium iron phosphate battery charger only.

Warranty period: one year
If you need to remove and charge, please use "Lithium Iron Special Charger" to charge with 1A current.

*RCE product warranty liability and claims specification:
A: During the warranty period, according to the precautions of the product, and under normal use, the customer's vehicle or property is damaged, and we are responsible for compensation.
1: The maximum compensation amount for property damage liability is 10 times the purchase amount. 2: The maximum compensation amount for personal liability is 5 million.

B : To use RCE products, please download the RCE app or pay attention to the latest notices on the fan page.

C : RCE is not responsible for products outside the warranty period.