RCE Super LFP Smart Battery

Best solution of 12V batteries for electric vehicles

RCE was established in 2010, we committed to develop the lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries and super capacitors. We are in-house design and develop all hardware, software, and firmware. RCE is proudly to be the expert of low voltage electrical system in vehicle industrial, no matter scooter, motorcycle, and automobile.

RCE is the one and only in the world with the self-developed smart monitoring system – “iBatt”.

Specially developed for car manufacturers and not for retail sale.

RCE Super LFP Smart Battery

RCE Super LFP Smart Battery with in-house design and develop for all hardware, software, and firmware.

The smart iBatt APP provides real-time monitor and operation data, allowing the manufacturer, distributer and user to grasp all information of the battery.

Electric Vehicle (EV) low voltage 12V battery

No matter which kind of powertrain, EV always faced obstacles of 12V battery.

Whether it is a low voltage 12V or high voltage power battery, the low temperature causes the lithium ion activity in the battery to decrease, resulting in poor charging and discharging efficiency.

The main reason is that lead-acid batteries used in fuel-fired vehicles only discharge unidirectionally during ignition, and the generator automatically charges the battery after ignition, without causing deep battery discharge. However, electric vehicles often have more than 60% deep discharge, resulting in an increase in lead sulfate concentration (crystallization), and the sulfation will be quite serious. The high current discharge, deep discharge, late charging, frequent charging and short charging time of electric vehicles accelerate the end of lead-acid batteries.

If an electric car uses lead-acid batteries as low-voltage 12V batteries, there is no instantaneous high current and high power to shake off the deposits on the lead-acid electrode plates like in a fuel car, and the lead-acid batteries are installed in electric cars for a long time with low current operation.

RCE proposes a LFP battery + super capacitor combination for low voltage 12V batteries in electric vehicles, which is a super LFP battery solution that completely eliminates the problems of pure lead-acid batteries or pure LFP batteries. Super LFP battery provides functions including stable current, self-emergency rescue, power failure and anti-theft, ultra-low temperature start, and intelligent monitoring through APP data connection and cloud big data, which is the best integrated solution for car battery.

iBatt APP

big data analysis in the cloud

RCE iBatt APP provides clear information of Super LFP batteries; the big data in the cloud can be used to analyze the voltage and current rate of change in EV’s 12V battery, to create advanced warnings through APP, advice users to take precaution measures in advance.

RCE Super LFP Smart Battery

application (1)

Upon battery low-voltage protection active, use iBatt APP to connect with battery to lift the protection and resume the power supply to wakeup EV system. Remote control and Start button shall be active and let high-voltage system to charge 12V batter through DC/DC converter.

RCE Super LFP Smart Battery

application (2)

When the battery voltage is lower than 11.5V, even iBatt APP connect with battery via Bluetooth, battery voltage still lower than ECU required working voltage; therefore, the battery still not able to active the remote control or start button to wake up EV system.

With this situation, owner may use SOS rescue function of iBatt to activate the boosting module in the battery. The battery shall charge the super capacitor and boost the voltage to 13V, this will provide a few seconds of working current to wake up EV system and resume normal operation.

Comparison between RCE

Super LFP battery with lead-acid battery

Basic parameters of RCE Super LFP battery

The vulcanization problem of lead-acid batteries causes their cycle life lasting for about two years only, and this is more severe issue on electric vehicles. The main reason is the lead-acid batteries used on fuel vehicles only have unidirectional discharge during ignition, and the generator will charge the battery soon after engine start so that battery will not have deep discharge.

However, electric vehicles often have over 60% of deep discharge, causing an increase in the lead sulfate concentration (crystallization), and there will be severe vulcanization.

Driving behaviors of electric vehicles such as high current discharge, deep discharge, not charging on-time, frequent charging or charge time too short, will accelerate the end the life of lead-acid batteries.
All brands of EV (Electric Vehicle) compete with each other with faster charging speeds and longer endurance, but they ignore the fact that low-voltage 12V battery is the key factor for stabilizing the electrical systems of all EV system.

In terms of the problems caused by 12V batteries on electric vehicles, RCE believes that whoever has the most stable low voltage system for electric vehicles will be the winner, and whichever automobile manufacturer is the first to adopt Super LFP batteries has a better future and technologies than others.

The Super LFP battery solutions from RCE are the best for stabilizing low voltage systems of electric vehicles, and it has obtained invention patents in Taiwan. Moreover, RCE is applying for patents all over the world.

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